Spectronic - 4Poles Air Circuit Breaker
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4 Poles Air Circuit Breaker (ACB)
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4 poles ACB
Accessories & Spare parts

Fixed  and Withdrawable Patterns

Designed to match the most demanding requirements for rapid detection and safe interruption of faults. Our Spectronic ACB and associated MT protection relay incorporate a formidable array of circuit protection and system management.
Fixed pattern breakers incorporate rotary handle mechanism that can be manually or electrically charged via a motor mechanism.

  • Compliance with IEC60947-2
  • ASEFA certification to IEC151.1
  • Rated short circuit performance from 55 kA to 60 kA (Ics=90%Icu) @ 415v
  • Nominal ratings from 400A to 2500A
  • 2 Frame Sizes: Frame 1 (400A to 1600A), Frame 2 (2000A to 2500A)
  • Common height and depth for complete range
  • Common accessories designed for simple installation
  • Built-in safety features provided as standard
  • Circuit protection integral to MT relay including restricted earth fault
  • Auxiliary contacts 6 n/o
  • IP40 door seal provided with door gasket
  • Fully insulated steel shutters with front access padlocking facility as standard
  • Lifting lugs for ease of removal of the breaker from the 'cassette'
  • Interlocking available in rod design
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    Accessories & Spare parts

    A vast range of optional accessories developed to be compatible for the entire range of breakers regardless of nominal rating or frame size.

  • Motorized  charging unit with facility for ready to close signal
  • Shunt trips (0.7 to 1.1 Un)
  • Undervoltage releases (0.35 to 0.7Un)
  • Mechanical operations counter
  • Rear or front access connections for fixed and withdrawable types
  • Circuit breaker lifting and handling truck
  • Functional microprocessor test units for MT protection relays
  • Auxiliary switches
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