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Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
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MCCB (Thermal Magnetic Relay)

  • Compliance with : IEC947-2, BSEN, VDE, Lloyds, ASEFA
  • I set from 16 amp. to 1250 amp., within 7 frame sizes
  • 3 pole version available in fixed or draw out pattern
  • Standard front access connection
  • Performance - Icu from 25 kA to 100 kA (D..L ranges)
  • Voltages - 690v AC and 500v DC ratings
  • Rotary Handles - direct or door mounted, removable and/or dis-engageable, all versions are padlockable as standard.
  • Full range of add-on accessories including:
      - auxiliary contacts
      - shunt trips
      - undervoltage releases.
      - Electrical control units for remote operation
      - Earth Leakage Units- Manual or Auto-changeover systems
      - Rear connections/adaptors
      - Terminal covers
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    MCCB Accessories

    RECORD MCCBs are available with a comprehensive range of accessories, which have been designed with ease of installation for the user in mind.
    • Shunt trip -trips the circuit breaker  for any voltage between 70% and 110% of nominal control voltage.
    • Undervoltage release - opens the circuit breaker when the control voltage falls below 70% Un.
    • Motor control units - fixed to the front of the circuit breaker. this device enables remote opening and closing of the unit. Locking facility available in the OFF position.
    • Rotary Handles - direct or door mounted, removable and/or dis-engageable, all versions also padlockable as standard.
    • Earth Leakage Units - this device offers personal protection against both isolation, overload and short circuit faults.
    • Manual or Auto-changeover systems- to ensure continuous power supply to a facility with minimum interruption.
    • Rear connections - full range of connections studs for bar or cables with lugs, extenders and connections to improve the cable termination capacity.
    • Terminal covers for 3 pole units





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